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Published on paper and online - From 2008 to 2015
blog-image was my biggest project with 8 books published on paper in 2 years (2010 - 2012). There was a social network for teens based on the book series, a web TV series and a game. The project was closed by the publisher in 2012. In 2014, because the level of interest in the series was still high, I published another 2 books online on As of the beggining of 2017 they are the most popular books in the library. For more information, check my other website -


The first book in Ormron series was my first book published ever. It came out in Ukraine in 2008. Since then I continued the series with another 2 books. First one was published online in 2013, the next one is set to be published online in 2017. The cover works are created by an artist Alena Gordievich, who is also an artist behind the concept-art of some of my 3D game projects. The series consists of 2 books and a spin-off, with book 3 set to be published this year and I am in the process of writing 2 more books to finish the series.


The Cure series is my first sci-fi project. The first book was published online on in 2013. I plan to continue this series, and exploring the possibilities of an English translation.


"Writing interactive stories" is my first project written in English from the beginning. It is based on my experience writing Koschei The Deathless. The book is still in editing, but I expect to have it published in April 2017. To find out more, check the website

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