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Koschei The Deathless for iPad

My first gamedev project - Released in March 2016

Koschei was my first experiment in game development. It is a simple interactive story where player chooses the actions of the main hero, and the outcome of the game depends on that.

This game is based on Russian fairytales, and the main idea behind the design was to create a "Russian" feel in the game.

I researched a lot of traditional art and Russian artists, main inspiration being a Russian illustrator Ivan Bilibin, famous for illustrating Russian fairytale books.


An inspiration for the "paper-figurines like" style was another Russian artist Marina Adamova that works with paper. I used some textures from, and some references from

I also studied Russian traditional dresses, and it took a while to transfer it to the paper-like game style.


For the soundtrack, I thought about using my own music but then decided to use "Pictures from the Exhibition" of my favorite Russian composer - Modest Mussorgsky. All other sound effects are from

The game uses Corona SDK, and Lua programming language. A year after the release I know I would do lots of things in the code differently, and maybe one day will redo it properly. See the game website for more information.


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