I'm Inga Pflaumer a Storyteller. a Game Developer. a Web Developer.

Hello! I am Inga Pflaumer.

I started my career studing music theory at college, planning to make a career in composition and as a music critic.

After several publications of my reviews in different newspapers, I found a job as a journalist. It was the beginning of the web-journalism, and from there I moved on to web content development and management.

In 2009 I published my first print book, followed by other 8 books throughout 2012.

Most of my books were published by ROSMAN publishing house. There I became a team leader of Podruzhki.ru project - a social network for teenage girls. In this role I managed a team of content managers and developers. My responsibilities included audience and market research, and working with product owners and development team to produce technical requirements and build new features.

In 2011 ROSMAN released a game called "ShopPodruzhki", based on characters from my books, and it got me interested in game development. The same year I started experimenting with game engines (Unity with JavaScript, Torque and Unreal), and started to learn basic programming.

In 2012 I started studying at RMIT to get a more formal computer science training. At the same time I released 6 new books online, and created AniYou.com - an online library of young adult literature (using PHP, JavaScript, and Laravel framework).

In March 2016 I released my first indie game called Koschei the Deathless, built with Corona SDK and available on App Store now. In March 2017 I released my second game Knitted adventures on AppStore and PlayStore. Now I am working on my Unity project, planning to release it in 2017.

I'm doing some Node.js work as a freelancer, building features for Shopify stores.

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My Experience

Game Development and 3D Modeling

2d, 3d, Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Lua, C#, JavaScript, Unity, Corona SDK. Released my 2 games in 2016 and 2017.

Web Development

PHP, HTML, CSS, Node.js, Shopify, Wordpress, Laravel. Developed a number of websites to support various projects, including online social network AniYou.com

Talks & Presentations

Active in development community. Gave a talk at Women Who Code in January 2017. Organiser of Sydney Unity Game Dev meetup.


13 books published on paper and online, with over 250k print copies.

Project management

Chief editor at Poker.ru in 2008-2013. Team leader at Podruzhki.ru ROSMAN publishing house project in 2010-2012. Founder and developer of AniYou.com since 2013.


A degree in Music Theory. Play violin and piano. Experience in composition and instrumentation.

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